For the Love of Our Community!

Campbell River Soul Cyclers


Kelly Fisher, Barry Peters, Kathy   Morrison, Marsha Lloyd, Tom Clarke,Jane Clarke, Shannan Brown, Paula   Anderson, Sandra   Rushton and Vicky   Williams.


All of us at the Campbell River Hospice Society are extremely grateful for the amazing act of kindness that is being gifted to us by ten courageous community members; Kelly Fisher,   Barry Peters, Kathy Morrison, Marsha Lloyd, Tom Clarke, Jane Clarke, Shannan   Brown, Paula Anderson, Sandra Rushton and Vicky Williams. These amazing individuals have joined forces as the Campbell River Soul Cycle Team to participate in the Cycle Of Life Event on July 28 & 29 in support of our Hospice Society.

It's so inspiring to see this team   make such an incredible commitment to riding their bike nearly 200kms through Saanich, Cowichan Valley, and the Gulf Islands all while managing their day to day lives.

We have watched them selflessly give up their weekends to fund-raise, train and collaborate for the past 4 months.

A huge incentive for this team is to raise enough money to help us increase our counselling services to meet the needs our communities children and adults who are grieving or facing a life-limiting illness.

We wanted to share their stories  and the reasons why they are so passionate about supporting our community (below). Please consider pledging their team to help them reach their goal of   $10,000

Kelly Fisher

I lost my father when I was 10. My mother was dealing with her own grief and she was unable to help me with mine. She probably didn’t even know how.  I was unable to deal with my grief for many, many years. Knowing what I know now about hospice, I’m sure it would have helped my family had it been available to us. 

I am a proud Rotarian and Rotary’s   guiding principle is “Service above self” so “giving back” is important to me.  I became a hospice volunteer and I rode in the Cycle of Life Tour for the first time last year. I was the only rider from Campbell River!  I was so proud to have been one of 80 cyclists that raised over $130,000.00 for hospices on Vancouver Island.

I clearly remember toying with the idea of doing the ride last year. I don’t know why I thought a rubinesque woman such as myself, riding approximately 200 km over 2 days would be a good   idea but I did. I mentioned it to a few people close to me and one told me I was crazy but I received so much encouragement that on February 10, 2017,   I registered as a rider.

I trained for 6 months in wind, rain and sun. By the time of the ride, I was well prepared or so I thought. Day 1 was beautiful, the temperature just right. I was nervous and excited.  I was actually doing this!  We cyclists left together   but the group quickly thinned out. I eventually found myself on my own   except for one guy behind me. I figured I must be somewhere at the front. Not even close! That guy behind me was the sweeper, the rider who stays with the last rider to make sure they stay on course and get to where they’re going safely.  The ride through the Cowichan   Valley was beautiful but the hills - I walked up most of them with Dan the   sweeper following close behind. At times, I was so tired and felt so alone   - I wondered how I was going to keep going. But focusing on why I was doing this ride and hearing Dan behind me telling me to keep going and not give up helped so much. Dan I were the last riders to arrive at Crofton. We were welcomed to cheers and clapping. It was pretty moving.  We caught the ferry to Salt Spring Island and rode to the Farmer’s Institute.  I was so happy to arrive there to a shower and clean clothes.  We were treated to a terrific dinner and awesome entertainment. We heard a fellow rider speak about the death of his son, the overwhelming grief, its effect on his life and how hospice helped him. It was sobering and inspiring and it reinforced why I was doing this ride. 

Day 2 started with a wonderful breakfast. My confidence was low with the tough parts of Day 1 very much on my mind.  But I and two other riders stayed together and yes, there were some hills but once we arrived in Sydney, we cycled the beautiful and flat Galloping Goose and Lochside Trail all the way back to where we started our ride.  It was awesome!! 

The ride last year challenged me   physically like I had never been before.   But the camaraderie with   the other cyclists, and the joy we shared in supporting a common cause made   it the most wonderful thing I have ever done. This year I am thrilled to   be riding with 9 team members all from Campbell River.

Winston Churchill said “We make   a living from what we earn; we make a life from what we give... What we do   for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others lives   forever”.  

Jane and Tom Clarke

We have belonged to the community of Campbell River for 30 years and both feel a great sense of stewardship for our members. We understand first hand what it means to travel to larger communities to access health care resources and support. We believe that our community members deserve to have those resources and supports here in Campbell River. CR Hospice provides a variety of programs, without cost to the individuals, families and/or their friend, who are experiencing an end-of-life journey. In order to provide these services CR Hospice relies on donations from our community. One of the ways in which we thought we could personally give back to our community was to participate in the Cycle of Life Tour. We love to cycle so …we joined the other 8 amazing riders on the CR Soul Cyclers team. And what a great team it is!!! There will be lots of laughter along with the sweat and tears over those two days. It is our hope to raise as much as we can for our local Hospice so that every community member that needs end of life support will get it!   

Kathy Morrison

I believe Hospice is a very important organization for the services it provides for end of life and the ones left to grieve. I also am a strong believer that contribution is important. it is important to give back to your community. So with these beliefs, I am passionate about Hospice and have gratitude that I have time to be of service. I was involved with Hospice when it started 30 some years ago but had to retire as I had started my own business. When I was very young my father died and an Aunt that had been an important care giver also passed. From these experiences at such an early age my life was woven with death and dying... I was afraid of death...I made life decisions based on this fear. So for me, I have loved the learning and the knowledge I have learnt from by involvement with Hospice. It is now my desire to shed light on a subject that many find dark.

The bike tour is exciting for me as it shares my two passions riding and Hospice. I am excited to to raise funds and awareness of Hospice in the community by my participation.

In most of my activities I am a solo player...running, swimming, paddle boarding. I know that working together as a team in any area, mountains can be moved. so for that I am happy to be part of this team. I am a team player.

To be involved with a team with a common cause is energizing... also it is a great place to find more common ground and form friendships.  

Barry Peters

I’m supporting Hospice for very personal reasons and because I think it is very important to have a place to die in peace with dignity and without pain. My personal reasons revolve around my Mom who just passed this last December. Her last days were spent in comfort and loving care at the Charlottetown Hospice facility on PEI. This was an incredible space that not only catered to my Mom but in many ways to our whole family and friends as well. The staff were amazing and ran the gambit of very young to experienced. They were all supportive, they made us feel that this was our space.

I guess we will all be at this stage of our lives at one point.

Having a team to help raise money just makes it more fun and collectively gives you a bigger impact right away.  

Paula Anderson

 I support the Hospice Society because both my parents were in the compassionate care of trained hospice nurses. As my beloved Dads caregiver I was supported by the hospice staff with such understanding, that I need to give back and say thank you.

I am new to Campbell River and I wanted to belong to a team that had the same dedication as I did for same reasons. Team Soul Cyclers members all care about our local hospice and want to see others benefit from the funds raised.

No one knows how a loved ones journey will end and to have the support of hospice nurses, councillors and volunteers is unmeasurable.  


Volunteer with us

Hospital &Yucalta Hospice Visiting Team

Trained Hospice Volunteers are available to visit patients and their family members at either location, Monday to Friday. 

In-home Visiting Team

Trained Hospice volunteers are available to visit patients and their family members, wherever home may be. That means hospice services are provided in private homes and residential care settings.

Vigil Response Team

When the death of a loved one is imminent, family members may find it helpful to rely upon a hospice volunteer to sit at the bedside if they cannot.

Companioning Team

Volunteers trained in companioning through grief and loss can provide a listening ear, calming presence and compassion for those who have lost a loved one.

Administration and Fundraising Support

Our organization is always looking for experienced assistance with desktop publishing, mail-outs, on-going library maintenance, and telephone support.

Education and Speakers Bureau

Trained speakers will deliver workshops, one on one sessions or business lunch and learn sessions, covering subjects such as hospice palliative care and advance care planning.

Host an independent fundraising event

We welcome and appreciate every effort to help fund the psychosocial, emotional and spiritual end-of-life care and support that we provide to clients and families in Campbell River and surrounding areas who are facing advancing illness, death and bereavement. 

Each year, CRHS seeks community help to raise funds in order to maintain these specialized programs and services. Programs and services include one to one support, a palliative response team, companioning and counselling, bereavement and spiritual support, volunteer services, education and complementary therapies.  Hosting an independent fundraising event is a great way to support Campbell River Hospice’s programs and services, and to educate people about the work that we do at the same time. 

Events are often initiated by individuals or groups in honor of a family member, friend or co-worker who received care or support from Campbell River Hospice Society. Each event, regardless of size and reach, demonstrates the spirit of generosity and commitment to quality end-of-life care in our community. Some of the previous third party events that have been held include silent auctions, golf tournaments and gala event dinners.   

Grateful Families

The care that Campbell River Hospice provides to our clients touches the lives of many people: parents, spouses and partners, children, grandchildren plus other family members and friends.  For them, it can be a great comfort to see their loved one receive compassionate care and many find that they want to give back to hospice in some way.

Here are some ways in which you can share your gratitude:

Submit a story

Share your story and help others see how Campbell River Hospice may be able to help them in their time of need.

Give a gift

Campbell River Hospice Society was here for your loved one. Your financial support will enable us to continue to deliver our services and expand our programs to be of help to other clients and their families.  

Create a fundraising event

From art shows to sporting events, fishing derbies or something just for fun, creating your own event can be a great way to remember your loved one and raise money for Campbell River Hospice.  

Special Family Campaigns

To celebrate the life of a loved one, some families choose to partner with Campbell River Hospice to help purchase equipment, or fund special projects that are meaningful to them.  To learn more, please contact our Hospice Centre 250-286-1121.  

Visit our Online Store

Many of the items generously donated to our society are available at our Thrift Shop as well as annual events we host such as our Silent Auction. Our online store allows you to browse and purchase many of these items via our website utilizing PayPal's secure purchasing platform. Visit our Sales Items page today and learn more on how you can support our Society!