Our Society could not operate without the compassion and care of our truly dedicated and loving volunteers.

Campbell River Hospice welcomes our 2017 client services volunteer group! 

We are so fortunate that these wonderful people engaged in 36 hours of training with Volunteer Coordinator Roberta Bower and Facilitator Jane Clarke. Welcome Pam Adcock, Leone Bliss, Ashley Buys, Irwin Harder, Jessica Hammersmark, Geneva Janzen, Suzanna Longridge, Mary Lazarski, Kathy Morrison, HUgette Ruel, Jenny Sawatsky, Barbara Swanston, Marcus Willems, Tucker Dinnes, Jivana Tao! Thank you Jane and Roberta for making it inspiring and fun! 

Our volunteers are specifically trained in the following areas:

  • In understanding the needs & concerns of the dying and bereaved.
  • To listen confidentially and support without judging or advising.
  • To provide client companionship, support, respite and vigil service..
  • Provide assistance by effectively accessing the society and other community resources.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hospital &Yucalta Hospice Visiting Team

Trained Hospice Volunteers are available to visit patients and their family members at either location, Monday to Friday. 

In-home Visiting Team

Trained Hospice volunteers are available to visit patients and their family members, wherever home may be. That means hospice services are provided in private homes and residential care settings.

Vigil Response Team

When the death of a loved one is imminent, family members may find it helpful to rely upon a hospice volunteer to sit at the bedside if they cannot.

Companioning Team

Volunteers trained in companioning through grief and loss can provide a listening ear, calming presence and compassion for those who have lost a loved one.

Administration and Fundraising Support

Our organization is always looking for experienced assistance with desktop publishing, mail-outs, on-going library maintenance, and telephone support.

Education and Speakers Bureau

Trained speakers will deliver workshops, one on one sessions or business lunch and learn sessions, covering subjects such as hospice palliative care and advance care planning.

Grateful Families

The care that Campbell River Hospice provides to our clients touches the lives of many people: parents, spouses and partners, children, grandchildren plus other family members and friends.  For them, it can be a great comfort to see their loved one receive compassionate care and many find that they want to give back to hospice in some way.

Here are some ways in which you can share your gratitude:

Submit a story

Share your story and help others see how Campbell River Hospice may be able to help them in their time of need.

Give a gift

Campbell River Hospice Society was here for your loved one. Your financial support will enable us to continue to deliver our services and expand our programs to be of help to other clients and their families.  

Create a fundraising event

From art shows to sporting events, fishing derbies or something just for fun, creating your own event can be a great way to remember your loved one and raise money for Campbell River Hospice.  

Special Family Campaigns

To celebrate the life of a loved one, some families choose to partner with Campbell River Hospice to help purchase equipment, or fund special projects that are meaningful to them.  To learn more, please contact our Hospice Centre 250-286-1121.  

Visit our Online Store

Many of the items generously donated to our society are available at our Thrift Shop as well as annual events we host such as our Silent Auction. Our online store allows you to browse and purchase many of these items via our website utilizing PayPal's secure purchasing platform. Visit our Sales Items page today and learn more on how you can support our Society!

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