Hospice Palliative Care

Hospice Philosophy of Care

  1. Recognizes death as a natural part of life
  2. Offers comfort, emotional and spiritual supports
  3. Focuses on comfort rather than cure
  4. Does not hasten or delay death

Need for Hospice Care on Vancouver Island

Every year approximately 6,000 people die of natural causes on Vancouver Island. 

Hospice care supports individual choices for those facing a life limiting illness.

Island Health Data from 2014 , ( currently being updated) suggests the majority of people die in hospital, under acute care. This, despite their wishes  to die at home. Only 19% of deaths occur at home, with the support of Home and Community Care.

Campbell River Hospice services bridge that gap by making hospice services accessible to all members of the community. 

With the recent addition of 4 hospice beds at the Yucalta hospice cottage, as well as a new hospital and hospice house, our community needs are being better met.

Campbell River Hospice Programs and Services

  • advance care planning education and support
  • palliative program
  • vigil response team
  • bereavement program
  • one to one support and companioning
  • grief and loss counselling
  • grief supports and groups
  • complementary therapies
  • community education and workshops
  • life in review program
  • information and referral to 
  • community services
  • lending library
  • Sally Wellman Memorial Gardens

Referral to Hospice Services

Referrals to hospice services can come directly from patients and their family members or through doctors and other health care professionals. Patients must be aware of referrals. Referral forms are available on the front page of our website or from our office. 


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