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Telus Vancouver Island Community Action Team

We were delighted to provide Paul Cisecki of Telus a tour of the new hospice centre today. The Telus Community Action Team donated $1000 towards Expressive Art Therapy for Youth in Campbell River, who are experiencing grief and loss.  Lynn Wood was on hand to thank Paul and his team for their generosity.

Hoyne Brewing

This year in memory of a family friend, the owners of Hoyne Brewing made a generous donation to our hospice. Thank you Shawn and Kelly!

Campbell River Health & Drug Store

Ocean Pacific Marine Store & Boatyard

Bill Howich Chrysler



  Anne Young is a true champion of Hospice!  

As residents of Campbell River for over 60 years, the Youngs have lived, worked and contributed to the growth of the community, over generations.

Anne fondly remembers her mom, Jo Higgins, as one of the first nurses who worked at the old Campbell River Hospital, starting in 1957! 

As with most families, the Youngs concentrated their attention on lifes path and seldom considered the impacts of end of life.  It was with the more recent loss of Annes sister Patty and Dons sons palliative illness diagnosis, that the reality of life began to have an impact and end of life planning became more important. Annes sister Patty was supported and cared for, throughout her last days, at the Victoria Hospice. Dons son Pete is receiving care at the Lions Gate hospice. Petes care has dramatically improved his quality of life! 

The family have been struck by the manner in which hospice staff and volunteers embodied the holistic hospice approach, supporting their loved ones with tenderness and dignity. As the couple dealt with their own personal health challenges, it became apparent that greater planning, involving their wishes for health care at end of life is a very important service that hospice can provide. 

Thankful for these services, available to their family members. the Youngs have chosen to donate toward the new hospice house location. Anne has agreed to tell their story to encourage others to donate now, in response to operational needs of the not for profit society.  The demand for ongoing and sustainable hospice programs and services such as grief counselling and trained companioning and support volunteers is growing.  

Ron and Ruth Dittberner have been Hospice Supporters For Over 1/2 a Century

During a recent visit to our hospice center, Ron reflected back on his first experience with hospice. 

The illness and death of a good friend and coworker who lived in Victoria opened Ron's eyes to the need for end of life planning.  Ron recalls that his friends wife and family had great difficulty in coping with the loss of their husband, father and loved one. He remarked that the care provided to their friend was remarkable. Years later, after moving to Campbell River, the Dittberners participated in the popular Angel Rock fundraiser for CR Hospice. Ruth donated to and participated in the Silent Auction and routinely sponsored a table of invitees at the event. 

When their daughter Dana, the Mom of young daughters, became gravely ill in Maple Ridge, the family attempted to support her at home with the home nursing team. 

It was Dana who decided she wanted to transition to hospice. 

Ruth and Ron were gratified and touched by the level of care and caring that the hospice staff offered their daughter. They donated to the Maple Ridge Hospice, in honor of Dana. The Dittberners understand the value of end of life planning. They feel strongly that it is important to plan before one needs the services of hospice, asking about options available to receive service and support, should you be unable to care for yourself. They feel strongly that those who can, should make plans for a safety net of support, as they age. They believe that hospice is key to that support network. Thank you, Ron and Ruth for your generous support!